RD Mobile Engagement & event apps for charities

RD Mobile apps are easy-to-use, yet powerful, engagement and event apps that connect your supporters with your organisation and each other. RD Mobile puts you in control, enabling your organisation to engage supporters, nurture relationships, manage events and volunteers, and increase donations.
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What makes RD Mobile apps different?

RD Mobile's engagement and event apps ensure your supporters have an exceptional, personalised experience. Supporters can customise their app to control their level of engagement with your content, communities, and events. This engagement leads to deeper connections, greater support — and increased donations.

Your organisation can manage all app branding, features and content through a comprehensive backoffice portal that also includes videos and resources to get started and promote your app.

Committed to your success

  • 500,000 Users
  • 20 Countries
  • 2,000+ Events supported

Benefits for your supporters

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    Connect with your organisation's communities

  • icon-insight

    Participate and engage in relevant activities

  • icon-heart

    Deepen the commitment to your organisation

  • icon-users

    Take action by volunteering or donating

  • icon-gift

    See how donations are making a difference

Benefits for your organisation

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    Build communities for your supporters

  • icon-back-office

    Personalise experiences and content

  • icon-bell

    Communicate latest news and happenings

  • icon-signposts

    Distribute resources and encourage advocacy

  • icon-gear

    Manage events, sponsors, and volunteers

Features for your supporters​/​members

Personalised Dashboard
Your users will have a dashboard within the app tailored just for them, with their personalised content, the latest social feeds, and activity timeline.
Community members can choose to opt-in to share their information and see who else is participating. Then they can connect with one another using personal messaging and social media.
Your supporters and members can make notes that can be saved directly into the app, shared with colleagues, and retained for future use.
Event participants and volunteers will be able to view session, stream, and speaker details, create their own itineraries, and see what’s coming up next.
Your supporters can choose to receive notifications of last-minute news, special pop-up gatherings, and other timely information.
Maps can help supporters find donation and event locations.

Features for your organisation

Always Works
You and your supporters can use the app online or offline, so there’s no need to worry if you have a poor internet connection.
Integrates with Your IT Systems
RD Mobile apps are scalable and integrate with your CRM, EventBrite, and donation management systems.
Generates Revenue
By building communities, providing up-to-date information, and engaging your supporters and members year-round, you’ll see an increase in donations and levels of commitment from your constituents.
Easy to Update
RD Mobile apps give you 100% control. Look and feel, navigation, content, and announcements are all functions that you can update easily, whenever you need to, from any device.
Full Back-Office Support
Access support materials, videos, tip sheets and comprehensive marketing resources to help promote your app.

What our customers think

Institute of Fundraising
Habitat for Humanity
  • Out of all the apps that I’ve tried, this one blew me away. Best app yet.
    Matthew Turney, RD Mobile app user
  • Thank you so much. My reaction is just so WOW.
    Johnny Lasker, EDUCAUSE
  • I keep hearing rave reviews from everyone using the app!
    Kim Spillane, CESSE

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Native Apps for iOS & Android

RD Mobile's Engagefully and Eventsential apps are available in your App Store:

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About RD Mobile

RD Mobile first started developing mobile apps for the non-profit sector 10 years ago.
Our apps have facilitated engagement and powered more than 2,000 events worldwide in the US, Canada, Great Britain, China, France, The Netherlands, Germany, Belgium, Switzerland, Spain, Italy, South Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.